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Food we had in Italy

I like traveling for food. So one of the most time spending activity when I travel is searching for nice restaurants by comparing their ratings and comments.

To be honest, we have a lot of nice pizzeria in Munich back at home, but I was curious about pasta in Italy more than pizza. I also don’t like wasting food and I don’t like cold pizza. So I push myself to eat whole pizza at once which makes me so full that I have less willingness for my next meal, which is not nice. In a 10 days trip, 2 whole pizza was enough for me. I will share some of pizza pictures that I took below:

I enjoyed eating pasta in Italy a lot. Especially the ones with Parmesan cheese and black pepper were amazing. You can easily taste thy are homemade and their texture is very special. Below I will share with you some of the delicious pasta I found in Italy:

One of the best food we had in Italy was in La Spezia. Prices were not high and the restaurants were in good quality. We can’t reach fresh fish in Munich and we looked forward to use the chance to be close to the sea. So we decided to eat fish at least two evenings in La Spezia. Here are some pictures:

Except pizza, pasta and seafood, we also tried on the way some other fast food like piadina, fish hamburger, aperitivo and risotto etc:

Of course, after every dish, we tried tiramisu in that restaurant. %90 of tiramisu we ate in Italy were nicer than the ones in Munich (sharing also a panna cotta):

Without eating icecream in summer, our trip wouldn’t be complete. We also loved icecream in Italy, especially in summer:

Sure, coffee and pastry was also amazing in Italy at a reasonable price:

I hope you enjoyed this food blog post and let me know what you think about it : )


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