Skiing in Hintertux, Austria

First week of December, we, 3 friends decided to go to skiing in the Alps, in Austria. Winter has just arrived. Not in every mountain it was possible to find much snow yet.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to go to a glacier. We decided to go to Hintertux. From Munich, it took about 2 hours 20 minutes by car, without traffic. If you stay in Innsbruck, the distance would be even shorter. The highest point of Hintertux is 3250 meters. Yes, it is very cold and windy up there. If you visit there in winter for skiing, you should bring very warm clothes.

Hintertux, Austria

It looks like there is not much snow on the mountain in the picture above, that’s true. Yes, it is because of the sun. Anyway, we will go much higher and have about 170cm snow, which is great for skiing.

Hintertux, Austria

We had sun, good quality of snow and less people skiing, means everything was perfect. For sure, we couldn’t find these conditions if we went to a mountain close to Germany – Austria border.

Hintertux, Austria

When I first thought we go to a glacier, I thought it is high and can be dangerous. Contrarily, the paths were were wide and even good for new learners. There were only 2 black paths and most of the rest were red. Wide red paths were not that difficult, even felt like blue but it was very enjoyable, even though we were not beginner.

Hintertux, Austria

Taking breaks and having lunch, eating traditional Austrian food and having a beer is a great activity that let’s you relax your muscles at the same time. Especially if it is sunny, breathing oxygen refreshes you and takes all the stress you recently had.

Hintertux, Austria

While enjoying skiing, this was the first time of the year, I thought I can slow down and don’t take too much risk. I wanted to avoid unwanted accidents.

Hintertux, Austria

First time in my life I started skiing 3 years ago. After this time, skiing became one of my favorite sports. I try to go to skiing each year at least 4-5 times. I will keep posting my skiing adventures this winter. Hope you enjoy them…

Hintertux, Austria

Looking forward to you comments. Enjoy your winter!

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