Last summer in Rome

Rome is a very beautiful city. Of course I wanted to visit Rome as well, when going around in Italy. This was my second time in Rome. First one was maybe 10 years ago, then I was a student and had less money.

I walked around without bus ticket, see the tourist attractions but couldn’t afford to visit inside. I stayed in a hostel, ate sandwiches self made from supermarkets and drank cheap wine.

This time I stayed in a hotel close to city center with a nice street view. I went shopping for clothes, visited nice Italian restaurants and had good wine. Anyway, I still didn’t visit any museum. We enjoyed Muse concert in Rome Olympic Stadium, it was amazing. Actually Muse concert was the trigger of our Italy trip. I said, why not going to Muse concert and that had to be in a stadium in a nice city. So why not Rome? Then we thought, why not having a road trip in Italy as well…

Here below I prepared a video of Rome from my perspective. I hope you will enjoy it.

Rome – Italy

The pictures above were taken in Vatican. Vatican streets were very wide and architecture was beautiful.

Just took random pictures while walking around the river. I like the sky and the reflections on the river.

Spanish stairs in the day and night. This place was great to hang around at night. For me it was the best thing to do, sitting on the stairs and watch around.

And of course famous Trevi Fountain and Colosseum. Those places are really nice but crowded. I liked visiting Rome once again a lot.

Feel free to leave a comment and share what you think about the post and especially about Rome….

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