Beautiful Cinque Terre

We visited five villages of Cinque Terre in a day in the summer of 2019 and it was a very beautiful colorful day.
Cinque Terre in 4K

This summer, one of the reason we chose to go to Italy was actually seeing Cinque Terre. In the past, we have been in many places in Italy but not Cinque Terre yet. It is a such a unique , and it was a great experience to visit beautiful Cinque Terre. Enjoy the video above which belongs to me.

Cinque Terre is an area on Italy’s Liguria cost. Cinque means five and Terre means lands. So it means five lands. It is very easy to go to Cinque Terre from La Spezia, one of the biggest port city of Italy. With a daily ticket, you can visit all of these five villages even in a day, when you rush a bit.

Of course, I took a lot of pictures from each village. I would like to share those pictures with you from my perspective, so that you can have a glimpse of Cinque Terre and maybe plan a visit yourself, if you still did not do it.

Cinque Terre view
Cinque Terre

This picture above was my favorite one. It is probably one of the most famous corner to take a picture of Cinnque Terre.

Beach - Cinque Terre
Beach – Cinque Terre

Colorful buildings and these small boats make the city even more attractive. The green mountain at the back fits very well to the color of the sea. It is simply beautiful.

Sea view with boat - Cinque Terre
Sea view with boat – Cinque Terre

As previous picture, the buildings and the boats are like relatives. They fit very well in one picture. I hope you liked this perspective.

Cinque Terre - beach view
Cinque Terre – beach view

It is possible to take very nice pictures of the villages from the beaches because they are surrounded by the colorful buildings. You just need to find a cool spot for yourself. Yes, people swim in the summer while visiting these five cute villages. The only thing missing would be a shower if you are not staying at a hotel.

As I mentioned above, don’t forget to bring your swimwear while visiting Cinque Terre in summer. At some villages, water looks really cool and blue. You will definitely want to jump in the water and refresh.

And lastly, I wanted to add some pictures as a slideshow to give you an idea of the architecture of Cinque Terre, with a lot of buildings in. If you planned to visit 5 villages in oneday, it is possible that you forget their names, you forget which picture belongs to which village because of the similar architecture. Anyway, in the end you will have a good feeling, be happy and think it was worth to visit.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Looking forward to your comments!

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