Colorful buildings of Porto Venere

After our visit to Parma in our vacation in Italy, the next stop was going to Cinque Terre. For doing so, we accommodated in La Spezia and had a recommendation to visit Porto Venere from the owner of our guesthouse. Porto Venere is less touristic compared to Cinque Terre and has amazing seaside. I can simply say it was one of the most chilling time of our Italy trip. The town is really beautiful with its colorful building and nature. If you ever visit La Spezia or Cinque Terre, you should save oneday for Porto Venere as well. Below I would like to share with you the youtube video that I prepared for Porto Venere. Then I will share the pictures from this small cute romantic town.

Porto Venere in 4K

Porto Venere has old colorful narrow buildings stuck to each other and it composes a nice scene for taking beautiful pictures. The style of the buildings is similar to the ones in Cinque Terre, as Porto Venere is not that far from Cinque Terre by car. It is possible to clearly see that it is something regional.

Colorful buildings of Cinque Terre
Colorful buildings of Cinque Terre

Porto Venere as a peninsula is surronded by a very beautiful blue Liguria sea that it is possible to swim as well. In our one day trip in this amazing city, we spent about 3 hours on the beach and for the rest enjoyed the town, had a spritz in a cafe by the sea and took some pictures. A day in Porto Venere without accommodation was pretty adequate. Staying in La Spezia is cheaper and it only takes about 20 mins by car to Porto Venere. That is not really far away.

Swimming in Porto Venere
Swimming in Porto Venere

On the south side of the city, by walking 1-2 mins from the center you can climb up to a castle with an amazing view where you can see most of the sea around the peninsula.

Porto Venere as well as Cinque Terre were decided to be UNESCO World Heritage in 1997 and I think it was one of the nicest town that I have seen in Italy.

Harbour of Porto Venere
Harbour of Porto Venere

The boats decorate this colorful city with the white color, and they may become part of your pictures with pleasure.

Porto Venere - Italy
Porto Venere – Italy

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