A very delicious Italian city: Parma

We decided to go Parma while travelling from Verona to La Spezia (especially for Cinque Terre). We had no idea about the city, never heard if it is a beautiful historical city or not. The main reason was the famous culinary in Parma. We wanted to try parmesan cheese in its origin and also take a bite from ham (prosciutto di Parma). We went to a few very good restaurants in Parma as well, but I will share the restaurants with the food pictures in another post.

Let’s start with the Youtube video that I created from the streets of Parma and then go on with the pictures that I took.


Parma in 4K

I hope you enjoyed the video. As I mentioned above, we drove from Verona to Parma and it took 1 hour 30 mins using autobahn which you have to pay toll fee. We chose to drive through using free roads as it took about 1 hour 45 mins but the roads were not in the best condition really.

Historical center of Parma was nicer than we expected. Unluckily it was Sunday and many shops were closed. We couldn’t see many people on the streets which we don’t like as a tourists. Anyway, I think in the week the city must be more lively.

In Parma, there were not so many tourists compared to other famous Italian cities. I think most tourists around also came with the motivation of eating in this delicious food city.

Prosciutto shop - Parma
Prosciutto shop – Parma

Above is a picture from a ham (prosciutto) shop. Unfortunately it was closed and I could only take a picture from outside. Looked from outside very interesting anyway.

Above two pictures from a supermarket in Parma where they had loads of Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately we had no chance to buy them as it was not possible to store them until the end of our Italy trip. In the supermarket they were placed in the coolers.

Bicicletta in Parma - Bicycles
Bicicletta in Parma

While walking around the streets, I came across these two cute old style city bikes. They fit to the historical center of Parma. Had to take a picture of them.

Streets of Parma - Lamps
Streets of Parma – Lamps

This street was for me one of the most stylish street of Parma. It was really beautiful with those lamps hanged.

Lastly, here are some pictures from historical buildings of Parma. I hope you enjoyed the post. Looking forward to your comments.


  1. Frankly, pretty much anywhere in Italy is delightful. The shops are usually closed on Sunday mornings but often open on Sunday afternoons however you got some great photos and really captured the essence of the place – thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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