Tegernsee in winter

Tegernsee is beautiful in every season but in winter, when it is really cold, yes, it freezes. I wanted to share a few pictures from frozen Tegernsee that I took last winter. I hope it will make you feel a bit cooler in this hot summer days.

Tegernsee - Bavaria
Tegernsee – Bavaria

This beautiful Bavaria lake is not too far from Munich, takes about 40 minutes by car and about 1 hour by train. Many tourists visit Tegernsee as it is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction near Munich and has a unique beer also named Tegernsee. It is actually my favourite beer in Bavaria.

Tegernsee - Bavaria
Tegernsee – Bavaria

Taking a walk beside Tegernsee is very relaxing and the path is right next to the lake. Well thought for the people who wants to enjoy the lake!

The architecture is really beautiful in Tegernsee. While taking a walk, you will come acrossmany beautiful Bavaria style buildings.

Tegernsee - Bavaria
Buildings in Tegernsee

In summer many people go to Tegernsee for hiking. It is one of the most popular hiking destination close to Munich. Well, in winter there may be a lot of snow on the mountains. Then taking walk beside the lake and breath fresh air is the best option.

Tegernsee - Bavaria
Walking paths next to Tegernsee

If you visit Tegernsee, don’t forget to drink Tegernsee beer in the braurei. It cost cheaper than the beer in the restaurants in the city and it is very fresh beside the deliciously made Bavarian food.

Tegernsee - Bavaria
Frozen Tegernsee and sun in winter

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Please comment if you have any question. See you in the next post.

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