After work biking: Munich

In this post I would like to share with you some pictures that I took while biking in Munich after coming home from work. I had no plan, just took my bike and biked around randomly.

Railways - Obergießing
Railways – Obergießing

Munich is a very green city. After stepping out of home, I just find myself in between tons of green.

Isar - Munich
A view from Isar – Munich

Clouds make it dark but still no rain. Isar river, green and clouds took my attention while biking.

Rathaus - Munich
Rathaus – Munich

I got off from my bike as here is the main center of the city and there were still many tourists around. Here you can’t ride your bike fast.

Then just passed from Max Joseph Platz. Streets were quite calm after rain and it was perfect for biking after work.

Odeonsplatz was quite empty as well. To go around in the city when almost noone is around is quite relaxing.

Then I arrived to Englischergarten. The biggest city park in the world. It is just next to the city center of Munich. Of course, it was empty. All the park was mine.

Englischergarten - Munich
A single bike in Englischergarten

Last picture is about a single bike parked in the middle of grasses in Englischergarten. Well, it is a rented bike from DB, apprently will stay there until somebody else will rent it.


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