Skiing in Grubigstein, Lermoos

One of my favourite skiing town in the Alps is Lermoos. The reason is that it is very close to Germany border and Grubigstein is one of the best value ski-resort you can easily reach from Munich. On the top, you will be at 2160m and Grubigstein offers 27.3km of slopes. It has 13.2 km easy, 10.2km medium and 1.9km difficult pists. Daily ski-pass price is 48€ which quite average anywhere in the Alps in Austria.

Skiing is an expensive sport but it is very fun tho. If you own your own skiing gadgets, it will be rather cheaper and you won’t lose time to rent them. Anyway, a skiing day with lunch and having some drinks can cost you around 70€ to 100€ (with rent) without transportation.

Below I would like to share some pictures from last winter, when we visited Grubigstein and you can have some insights how it is like to skii up there. Enjoy it.

Parking area – Lermoos

We drove from Munich to Lermoos and it takes up to 1 hour 30 minutes by car. In the parking area everything was icy. In this cold morning, you have to wear skiing shoes and do the last preperations before using the lifts to go up on the mountain. After being ready, we started to walk barely with our skiing shoes on to purchase our skiing passes. Sometimes you need to wait on the queue.

On the top of Grubigstein

Once we arrived to the peak, we need to wear the skiis and our gloves on. Last preparations before starting to ski with this beautiful view of immense Alps.

Here are some pictures show the amount of the snow on the top of Grubigstein. According to officials, it was about 4-5m of snow. It looks like crema on a cake, or frozen yoghurt.

Here are some random pictures when we took some break. One or two beers in a skiing day nevert hurt nobody. Some people say alcohol make them speak better the language they learn, I think one or two beers will make you better ski : )

Zugspitze from Grubigstein in Winter
Zugspitze from Grubigstein in Winter

Above there are some random pictures that I took and lastly my favourite picture from Grubigstein, Lermoos. Isn’t it amazing?

If you ever plan to go to Lermoos and need some tips, just leave a comment. Thanks for reading until the end!


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