Biking to Schlossanlage Schleißheim

Summer is coming. It still rains time to time in Munich but we can feel the warmth of spring after a cold winter. When the weather is good and I have time on weekends, one of the first activity comes to my mind is biking. After 5 years in Munich, we decided to bike to Schlossanlage Schleißheim. This castle is 12,7 km away from Marienplatz and it takes about 40 minutes bike ride. You can use biking paths almost 95% of this trip. As you can see from the google map, we took the green path next to Isar River and Englischergarten which takes a bit longer than it is supposed to be.

Schlossanlage Schleißheim

Below I will show you 3 pictures that I took and shared in my instagram account after we arrived to the castle Schlossanlage Schleißheim.

First picture focuses on the large pool and the wide view of the castle with the clouds and blue sky. Apparently at that time they liked big gardens and splendent buildings.

Clouds and the castle Schlossanlage Schleißheim

In the second picture I wanted to focus on the symetry of the trees and a long artifical river enriched with a lonely gondola. Sky and the clouds are in the best of secondary importance.

Gondola and the castle Schlossanlage Schleißheim

In the last picture I wanted to focus on the path to the castle. Path is centered to the castle and you can see a dark heavy door to enter the building in the end. Green and blue colors are refreshing.

Garden of the castle Schlossanlage Schleißheim

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