Malaga: City of sun

In February I visited Malaga with a couple of friends of mine for a weekend. As we travel from Germany, our main purpose to visit Malaga was catching sun and eating good food. At that that time Germany was freezing. Thanks to Malaga’s warm climate, the temperature was around 20c in February. We were lucky.

We called UBER

We arrived on Friday evening to Malaga after a 3 hours flight and just called an Uber which was very convenient at that time. From airport to the center it only costed about 20€ which was then divided to 4 people. So, each person had to pay 5€. In our Malaga trip, as we did not have so much time, instead of walking we always called an UBER even if we need to go somewhere which is only 1km away. Sometimes we only paid to UBER driver 2-3€ but there was no complain. They were very kind. We were very happy with UBER.

We ate a lot of tapas and fish

The second reason of visiting a Spanish city was trying as much as new authentic Spanish food. Very often we ate tapas, fish and fresh calamari. We checked google map for any recommendation. Mostly, the places google recommended were really nice. We were happy. Food in Malaga is amazing.

We took pictures

In this part, I would like to share with you some of the pictures that I took in Malaga and make short comments about them.

Malaga’s architecture was impressive. Above, one example from two buildings next to each other in Malaga city center. There are many pubs and restaurants under buildings and people mostly prefer to sit outside, as the weather was great even in the evening.

It was very enjoyable to take a walk in Malaga’s narrow historical streets. The weather was sunny, people were in good mood and we were happy. At the same time we heard that it was snowing too much in Germany, half a meter snow… We did not want to go back, at least not yet.

Malaga marina, sea and boats
Malaga marina
Malaga beach and sun
Malaga beach

We also took a walk on the beach and visited marina. We had sunbath, and got in the sea until our knees. It was almost like summer holidays. We all thought we miss sea in Munich.

Malaga from the top
Malaga from the top
View from Castillo de Gibralfaro - Malaga
View from Castillo de Gibralfaro – Malaga City

Most beautiful view of Malaga can be seen from Castillo de Gibralfaro. You should definitely go up there by hiking. You will take a lot of nice pictures of Malaga up there.

Enjoying Sangria in Malaga
Sangria in Malaga

I would like to stop here with a beautiful big glass of sangria we had. It costed 4.5€ each. It was lovely. I hope to visit Spain soon again. Please comment what you think about this post below.


  1. Home of Antonio Banderas, which signs along the beach will tell you about every 20 feet : ). It’s also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, which no one there seems to admit to. The fish there is great. Looks like you had a really great time!


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