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Street markets of Istanbul

In this post I would like to show you some colorful pictures from street markets of Istanbul. In street markets of Istanbul local people mostly buy spices, fish, fruits, Turkish delight, cheese , olives and pulse etc.

My favourite street market is the one in Kadiköy, the fish market. There you can find fresh fish, greens to prepare salad and a lot of garnishees. There are also fish restaurants that you can enjoy Turkish drink raki while eating fish with mezes (Turkish tapas). Below, have a look at the pictures that I took in my last visit to Istanbul.

Above you will find many types of cheese and olives. The prices are relatively cheap compared to Europe. One kg of cheese for example 38 TL which makes 5,65 Euro. In Europe you may buy only 200 grams with this price. One kg delicious olives is about 23 TL which makes 3,40 Euro.

Above you will find fruits and vegetables which adds color to the market. They smell really really good and they look very fresh.

Above you will find freshly caught fish of Black Sea & Marmara Sea. They arrive very early in the morning and in the fish season (about 6 months) they are very fresh. In May most probably you would get fishes from ice house. One kg fish starts from 20 TL (small fishes) and the price may go up to 100 TL depending on the type of fish if it is a rare one. 20 TL would make only 3 Euro.

The pictures above are from Eminönü district of Istanbul. Here you can find many types of Turkish delight at reasonable prices. If you ever visit Istanbul, I recommend you to buy a mixed box of Turkish delight where you can try many different types.

While you walk streets of Kadiköy, you may encounter many soap shops laying on the streets. They add colors to the streets and smell very nice. Olive soaps are very famous in Turkey and we have many many olive farms especially on the west coast of Turkey. They are healthy and natural.

You can always find knick knacks in the street markets of Istanbul. They are worth to try and healthy. I recommend you to have a mixed box of anything appeals tlo your taste.

Often you will see various beans & legume family in the street markets of Istanbul. I like how they are presented (left image).

Above on the left you can see pastrami and on the left dolma from grape leaves, aubergine, green pepper and stuffed mussels. They are very very delicious!!!

Cake shop, Moda, Kadiköy, Istanbul
Pasifik Pastanesi, Kadiköy, Istanbul

Last but not least I would like to show you a Turkish pastry called Pasifik Pastanesi located in Moda. If you go to Kadiköy, Istanbul you have to go there!!! The cakes here are really delicious. You will probably spend half an hour to choose what to eat beside Turkish tea or Turkish coffee.

I hope you enjoyed this post about street markets of Istanbul. Please leave me a comment if you liked it!


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