Ferris wheel in Munich

If you live in or recently visited Munich, you have probably already seen a Ferris wheel called Hi-Sky near Ostbahnhof area. I was not sure if I should try it and was thinking if it is worth it or not. Anyway, we decided to get on it with my colleagues today. In this post I will explain my experience about this Ferris wheel.

Before getting on
Before getting on

One ride takes about 30 minutes. First 5 and last 5 minutes are quite boring. At the moment you will see many construction until on the right side of wheel. This may quite disturb your eyes. At the top, if you are lucky with the weather, you can see the Alps very clearly.

The Alps are visible in this picture
Alp view

The price for an adult is 14.50 but if you are citizen of Munich, the price will drop to 12.50 for you. To my opinion it is an OK price to try it once.

Ostbahnhof and city center
Ostbahnhof and city center view
Construction side
Construction side

In conclusion, it was alright to try it once but I think there are more beautiful higher points in the city which are less costly. Anyway, I recommend you to try it once in a life time and evaluate yourself if it is worth to try it or not. You can write your experiences about this good looking Ferris wheel in the comment section below.

Building side
Building side


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