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How Turks eat döner?

Döner is a very delicious dish originated from Turkey. All around the world, you may eat distinctly interpreted döner. Probably Germany is the European country you can eat best döner out of Turkey but still %99 of döner in Germany is adapted to German taste. I live in Germany for 5 years now and I can’t say I ate a döner really looks like and taste like the ones in Turkey yet. This I find quite sad.

How do Turkish Germans produce & serve döner?

1- Mostly the bread they use is not fresh, some do fresh bread as well tho. Even the fresh ones are not tasting close to Turkish one.

2- Most of the döner meat in Germany mixed with a lot of herbs to give taste to meat. Most of the döner shops buy döner from big döner factories. There are also some kiosks that produce döner themselves but their taste is most of the time still very far away from a Turkish. If you go to a good döner restaurant in Turkey, the meat has a story. Most of these restaurants buy meat from special farms where the sheeps and cows crop in the mountains that they can eat special grasses. This gives the meat the taste. In Germany, döner shops are not going to assert that they choose the meat from animals that are cropped in the Alps.

3- Most of the döner shops put a lot of different sauce in döner bread, mostly yoghurt sauce. This makes you keep from tasting good meat.

4- Most of the döner shops put a lot of green salad in döner bread. This also keeps you from tasting good döner.

5- In Turkey, döner meat is a mix of lamb and cow meat. Lamb meat totally change the taste of döner. In Germany most of the time you will find only turkey or calf meat.

A positive side about German döner is that, they put way more meat in döner sandwich compared to döner in Turkey. Some people may find this also negative. Anyway, Turkish people who come to Germany are amazed to see too much meat in a döner sandwich.

Now, I would like to share with you döner I had in my last visit in Istanbul, Turkey. I visited a döner restaurant very close to my home, which was an average döner shop for Istanbul but amazing for a person who came from Europe. I know much better döner restaurants in Istanbul, but this one was very good for the price and location for me.


This döner is served with a hot lavas bread, slices of tomato, very well cooked butter rice and slice of pickles.


Besides, you will be served garniture above to be added just as you wish in the lavas bread with döner. Some döner places may serve different garniture but it is always up to you how you want to combine them with döner meat. You can eat them seperately or make small sandviches that are mixed.

Important detail is that salad is already bit oiled with vinegar, served with lemon and it is very fresh.


Above you will find famous iskender döner dish of Turkey. I have never ate a good iskender out of Turkey. So, to eat a good one, I recommend you to visit Turkey. Iskender is a very delicious döner dish served with tomatoe saucem melted butter and yoghurt. On the bottom of the plate there is a layer of cut pide pieces. So you won’t need additional bread if you don’t want to polish off the plate.

The cost of a döner plate was 27 TL which makes 3,95 Euro. Not a good one in Germany would be at least 7-8 Euro.

The cost of iskender plate was 29 TL that makes 4,20 Euro. Really good price.

If you ever go to Istanbul, don’t forget to ask me where to eat very good döner!

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