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Food of Istanbul – 2

In this post we continue to respresent the food I had in my last visit to Istanbul. Food in Istanbul is very delicious, so I have to visit this city very ofthen as I can’t find the same quality of food in Europe. Most of Turkish food in Europe taste to me fake, not in original taste. Something is always missing. So, I recommend you to visit Turkey and try food at its original place after making a little research. Let’s go on.

Kır Pidesi

We had Kır Pidesi in Kadiköy for breaksfast. This one in the picture is filled with minced meat. It is something really delicious. You can also pick it up and eat while walking. This is what I love about Istanbul, you can always find sth to takeaway in hand and eat while walking. This is the Asian culture of Istanbul I believe and street food has a variety in Istanbul. A pide costs 3 TL, 0.45 Euro. Really really cheap and amazing!

Su böregi

Su böregi is a must if you visit Turkey. You can also find börek in Germany or in Balkans but believe me, you will eat the best ones in Turkey. In Istanbul, you can find a lot of shops you can eat Börek. This one was filled with Turkish so called white cheese. It costs 10 TL a portion, that makes 1,50 Euro. Same and much worse quality in Germany would be about 4 Euro.

Our börek and pide table – Kadiköy, Istanbul

Above the image from our table. Börek and pide is better with Turkish tea. You can also have fresh lemonade or other soft drinks with it. A tea was about 3 TL which is 0.45 Euro.


Here is one of my favourite Turkish food, lahmacun. It is mostly served with parsley and you can order it spicy or plain. It is freshly made in a stone owen burned wood in it, very crispy and delicious. It has minced meat including some vegetables and spices mixed. To my opinion it tastes even better than a best pizza that I had ever in my life. You should have lahmacun after a search and find a good lahmacun. One lahmacun is 8 TL, which is 1.20 Euro. 2 Lahmacun will make you full.

Rice with chickpea

Here above is rice with chickpea. Rice is made oily in Turkey and it should not be sticking to each other. Then it is counted as a good rice. You can always have different toppings on the rice, also cooked beans. Chickpea is cooked with meat, it is added with its juice on the rice. It tastes amazing. It is only 6 T, that makes 0.6 Euro.

Turkish way of mix vegetable kebap

This plate has various vegetable with minced meat on the bottom part and whole meat pieces on the top part. So, top half and bottom half are different food. So you can always ask for a mix plate. You can see garlic peices, eggplant, tomatoe, onion, patatoes etc. The garlic and sugar gives an exceptional taste to this plate. It costs 20 TL that makes 3 Euro. Meet is expensive in Turkey.

Turkish mixed vegetable dish

We have another mixed plate. We want to try many things. On the top half you can see cooked lamb’s lettuce and bottom side a dish with zucchini. Both are made out of olive oil and they were so delicious. You can have as much as bread and dip. The price was about 15 TL, that makes 2.25 Euro.

Our table of mixed food – Kadiköy, Istanbul

Above you can see how our table looked like. It was very delicious. The bread is for free. No alcohol was served. It was more than enough for 2 people. The price quality ratio was top level.

Hope to continue with sharing with you different food of Istanbul time to time. This was maybe only %1 of what Turkish food represents. Turkish food is a treasury and it is not well makreted in the world. You should definitely discover more about it!!!


  1. The food was one of the best things about Istanbul when I visited in 2011. I could barely eat anything after coming home to the States because even fresh produce tasted like chemical : ). Although I still wonder why they use French Fries as a garnish there …


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