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Food of Istanbul – 1

Recently I had a chance to visit Istanbul, my home town. Istanbul is my favourite city in the world, with its history, food and landscape. It is an amazing city. I recommend everyone to see this city, at least once in a life time.

In this post I would like to write about the food in Istanbul. Of course there are much more food to introduce from Istanbul, but I will only share with you the food that I had this time.

Everytime I go to Istanbul, I eat things that I miss. Shopping and eating is really cheap for foreigners, if you earn with Euro or Dollar. So, I would like to give you a snapshot of the price of the food as well.

Let’s  start…


Grilled Anchovy

Most of the food that I will share is from Kadikoy district of Istanbul. As Kadiköy is close to my home in Istanbul and there is everything that I need in Kadiköy, I don’t even need to travel in Istanbul that much to other districts. Grilled anchovies are one of my favourite fish. They are served with lemon, half onion and rucola. In a restaurant in the fish market, they cost 20 TL, only 2,99 Euro. Free bread is served, as much as you want to eat.

Grilled Seabass

Seabass is a very common fish in Istanbul. In this restaurant it was served the same way with anchovies above. The meat is really soft and delicious. You should definitely eat fish in Istanbul. You can cask for a raki beside it 🙂 It costs 25 TL, it makes 3,74 Euro. You can never find this prices anywhere in Europe.

Our fish table

Above how it looked like our fish table. It is a budget quality restaurant. No alcohol was served in this restaurant, but you can find a restaurant that serves alcohol in Kadiköy fish market easily. What we paid for two person was 76 TL makes 11,37 Euro.

What Chicken döner

What I like in Istanbul is the way they serve döner. I don’t like döner out of Turkey. I find %95 döner in Germany not good. What you can find weird in Turkey is that they serve döner with french fries and green long pepper & tomatoes. The meat is pure, not fatty and tastes really relly good. The bread is amazing and fresh. Not comparable to ones in Germany. The price of a chicken döner is 7 TL, 1,05 Euro.

Wet hamburger

Here is a wet hamburger. Very special Turkish fast food. Locally called “Islak hamburger”. The bread is wet and marinated with tomato sauce. There is Turkish kinda meatball tasting like a köfte. Whole thing is very warm, you have to be careful even when you bite the bread. It costs only 5.5 TL, 0.82 Euro. Really good food and cheap price. That’s why I like food of Istanbul.

We will continue introducing the food of Istanbul with another post. Keep following us. Let me know if you have any question about Istanbul. I will be happy to answer anything about my hometown. Have a lovely day!


  1. Istanbul and Paris — my two favorite cities! You do your city justice. It is glorious. I was there in November for my fourth time! Thanks for the blog posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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