How to visit Oktoberfest cheaper?

Munich is visited by many tourists in Oktoberfest and hotels are %100 full in this time of the year. Correspondingly, accommodation and flight tickets can cost you thousands of euros if you don’t have a friend or family in Munich. In this post, as an inhabitant of Munich, I will try to explain you how to survive in Munich in Oktoberfest time.

1- Book your flight as early as possible.

If you are able to plan your trip a year ago and you are lucky to find a cheaper flight ticket, just don’t think. Buy it right away.

2- Combine your travel with bus or train

Munich is located in the heart of Europe. You can always buy flight tickets to neighboring cities around Munich and come to Munich by either bus or train if you don’t want to rent a car. Renting a car and drinking in Oktoberfest maybe is not the best idea. Well, then I recommend you to search for a cheaper flight ticket to cities such as Nurnberg, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Basel and Prague. A google map search will help you for this. From this cities you will definitely find another connection to Munich.

3- Book your accommodation earlier

Well, if you booked your flight but waited long for booking your accommodation, you might get sad in the and. Try to book your accommodation at the same time when you book your flight. If you wait too long, you might have to pay a few thousand for a week to stay in a hotel.

4- Try Couchsurfing

If you like a bit of adventure and if you are not coming to Munich with a group, as a single person you can always try to find a place in Couchsurfing app. Well, in this case you shouldn’t go home drunk!

5- Rent a caravan

Coming to Munich with a caravan is a good idea if you are a small group of people. There are parking places close to city and you can enjoy the mobility while having no problem with staying in Munich in Oktoberfest time. Alternatively, you can combine this idea with the point 2 (flying to another city and renting the caravan from another city).

6- Use public transportation in Munich

Once you arrived to Munich, I recommend you to buy group or day tickets to travel inside Munich. Almost in every stop you will see ticket machines and you need to know which ticket you should buy. There are group tickets up to 5 people that costs 12,80 and for a single person a daily ticket is 6,70. Prices may change!

7- Pre-order your drindl and lederhose

Of course, once you join Oktoberfest, you want to go traditional. You want to wear drindl or lederhose which may cost a lot if you just buy it in Oktoberfest time. If you have a chance, order it from Amazon or Ebay when you already plan your trip.

Of course you can make Oktoberfest even cheaper for yourself in other ways, but this is up to your creativity and budget. Please share with us your experiences and ways to make Oktoberfest cheaper for yourself. How did you manage it? How will you manage it?

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