Food we had in Taiwan – 2

Here we continue our post about the food we had in Taiwan. We like Asian food. Food in Taiwan was amazing and not expensive. Let’s see what we had else…

Here is a fish soup, rice and some garniture we had. The price was about 9 to 10 euro I think. Side dish was really fitting very well to fish soup. Fish shoup was a bit oily but was tasting really good.

Of course we needed vitamins sometimes. There are fruit shops all over Taiwan, they slice the fruits and prepare them to eat for you. So, this is very convenient for tourists, backpackers.

The plate on the left side has some fish, on the right side chicken schnitzel. The rest of the side dishes are the same. One portion was about 4 to 5 euro if I remember right. We also had some fries besides. We were hungry.

This food was really amazing. As I previously told, we like food with many side dish. The rice was so good, and freshly cooked vegetables were really so good. This was a small restaurant where we find from google. It is a local restaurant which had good rating and was hard to find a place. Prices were really cheap compared to Germany.

This was the most expensive food we had in our Taiwan trip. The restaurant was quite chic. It was a very good all you can eat restaurant. We ate too much. We paid per person about 25 to 30 euro.

Street food. Mixed sea dishes. It was interesting but not my favorite. Too much calories.

This was just amazing. Best soup we had in Taiwan. It was 5-6 euro per person including side dishes.

Some sort of sweet dish. We were in a festival and just wanted to try them although we were full from our dinner. It was delicious.

Thank you for reading. We will share soon the third part of this post series.


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