Skiing in Zillertal

Almost a month ago we went to skiing in Austria to Zillertal. We started from Munich by car and almost after 2.5 hours we arrived to Zillertal. We had 3-4 meters snow while skiing which was perfect.

In the afternoon we had typical Austrian lunch, half a chicken with french fries and weißbier. The weather was not that cold, so that we could eat outside. Having lunch was a good opportunity to relax our legs. Having a beer gives you more courage to ski further later on.

The view of Alps is breathtaking. Often we stopped and looked at the view. Of course we also took pictures. This was so high.

Top of the mountain had so much snow. Almost everywhere is covered by snow. I didn’t know on how much meter snow we were. It was also much colder. There was more wind. Our face was freezing. Anyway, snow quality was the best.

Going down to the walley, we saw a lot of cute wooden houses covered with snow. People who live there must be very lucky.

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