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Food we had in Taiwan – 1

In this post, I would like to share some food pictures from our Taiwan trip and make some comments on the each picture. Taiwan was an amazing country, offering a great Asian cuisine. I ate most of the food without asking what it is, just evaluated its appearance before eating. So I don’t want to name the food here, and I won’t give information about their location, but I wan’t you to see the pictures and evaluate for yourself as well. How do they look like for you? Would you also like to taste them?

This was a Japanese cuisine that we had in Taipei 101 mall ( once upon a time it was one of the highest building of the world). As I remember, all what you see was only 5 euro. We found this amazing. Although there is so much meat, I like the combination with vegetables and rice. The pot was very hot, so we had to be careful when carrying.

We went to a very special tea cafe in Taipei. Well don’t ask me its name, I don’t remember. Anyway, the tea was very nice. Taiwanese people drink tea while sitting, they enjoy it like having lunch or dinner, taking their time. the cost of the teapot was somewhere near 4-5 euros as I remember.

Of course I wanted to try different beers when I visit Taiwan. This was a Japanese beer but why not. It must be difficult to find it in Europe.

We like many different things on the table. When we see menu, rather than having a big single dish, we choose small but different dishes. One spoon from that, one spoon from this, another one from another. This food was amazing. It costed around 7-8 euro per person.

Let’s have another beer, this time from Singapour…

We always tried to use chopsticks. Our Asian friends said that we are good at it. Anyway, eating rice with chopsticks was not that easy, especially when the rice is not sticky. Regardless, the food was amazing. I loved rice combinations in Taiwan.

This is another Japanese cuisine we couldn’t say now. On the right sight a whole octopus, on the left side beef with a lot of other things mixed into it, even an egg. One dish costed around 5 to 7 as I remember. Amazing. You can’t find this in Europe with this price and with this quality. Have a look at the menu.

Chicken legs, no I did not eat them : ) Would you eat them? Please comment!

This was a very modern bakery, influenced from Japan and France. We bought some for eating right away and some into our bag. Overally, it was a bit more expensive then other bakeries, but amazing.

This is the end of the first part. The next part is on the way. Follow me!

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